About us

1. President: Bui Pham Anh Quan - Robert Louis Stevenson school
2. Vice President: Nguyen Hieu Minh - Hanoi Amsterdam
3. Vice President: Nguyen Khanh Lam - SIS Hanoi
4. Vice President: Le Do Hoang - Nhan Chinh High School
5. Lead of Logistic: Tran Duc Kien
6. Le Nguyen Duc Anh: Lead of Media
7. Dang Hoang Ha - Foreign Language Specialized School - Lead of Funding
We are just high school students, who are not old enough to be citizens with full responsibilities. However, with our efforts, we want to create a playground, a place for others of our ages to unite, to be themselves (though sometimes clumsy or even stubborn)
We want to help other children with unlucky conditions. Despite our limited ability, we still think that we can do something for the society. We believe that we will receive help from others, people who help us with fund raising or even people who we help but give us many lessons in other aspects of lifes.

Cảnh đời/ Life story

Những trường hợp khó khăn cần giúp đỡ / People who need help